Lisbon By Night Restaurant

Authentic Portuguese Fine Dining and Live Entertainment

Preset Menu- Two Entrees

Pre-Set Menu: Two Entrees

We are happy to accommodate large groups and offer a wide range of options to satisfy any guest.

Option One: Two Entrees

Choose a soup, a fish entree, a meat entree as well as a dessert. Served with coffee and tea

Choice of Soup

Watercress( )  Green Collard( ) Chicken Soup( ) Shrimp Soup( ) Vegetables Soup( ) Spinach Soup( )

Choice of Fish

Fillet of Sole( ) Cod Fish Braz( ) Breaded Shrimp( ) Grilled Squid ( ) Grilled Mahi Mahi(  ) Cod Fish Natas( )

Speciality Fish extra $3.50 per person

Grilled Grouper( ) Salmon( ) Halibut( ) Fish Kebob(  ) Swordfish( ) Cod Fish Steak( ) Fish Kebob( )


Choice of Meat
Veal Madeira( ) Chicken Breast( ) Sirloin Steak( )Roast Beef( ) Pork & Clams( ) Pork Tenderloin( )

Dessert: Choice of One

 Chocolate Mousse
 Cheese Cake
 Waffle & Ice Cream
 Fruit Salad
 Passion Fruit

with Coffee or Tea


Option Two: Two Entrees & Seafood

Have the same choices as the above for two entrees as well as a mix of seafood including:

Shrimp, Lobster, Crab, Clams, Mussels

This option is served with Dessert & Fruit


Option Three: Two Entrees, Seafood, Chicken & Appetizers

Have the same choices as the above for two entrees, the mix of seafood PLUS:

Chicken, Croquetes Cod Fish and Rissois

This option is served with Dessert & Fruit. 


Add a Seafood Plate: $90.00      

Add Appetizers: $3.50 per person

We also have other packages available! We do not accepted group bookings over email. Please call. Please inform of us of any allergies.